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Understanding the world we live in.

In this nation(U. S. A.), from a political point of view, we have thought in terms of Republican and Democrat. People have tended to identity as one or the other. In recent years a large middle group of so called independents has developed. These are people who tend not to affiliate with either political party but vote on principle or issue. 

It appears to me that this era is coming to an end. As we move forward people are not going to be aligning themselves with a political party. The dividing line is going to be globalist/collectivist vs individual/freedom loving. 

These are the two camps that exist in the current battle for, not only the U. S. A, but the entire Western civilization. The collectivist are represented by the World Economic Forum. This outfit was started by Kalisz Schwab and meets once a year in Davos Switzerland. Their goal is a one world government ran by the elites. 

The individual/freedom lovers are represented by the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the U. S. A. and those who support the natural rights(those rights granted by God) of each human being. The government is instituted by those who believe in natural rights as a protector of those rights. This, so every human being can seek his or her own destiny under the mighty hand of the living God. 

This issue is critically important to small business people. The collectivist want to entirely control the means of production and do not, therefore, support small business people.

This is the epic battle of our time. What do we wish to leave as a gift to our posterity?

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  • Don’t forget the WEF (Klaus Schwab) are supported by BIG banks (BoA; JPMorgan; Citi) etc, BIG business & it seems Wall Street. They support a digitized dollar and manipulating markets (supply/demand) for the “public” good.

    Folks, Shop local, move your money to local or regional bank. There will come a time you wish you had.


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