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The people that make your world go

I am amazed at all of the hard working people behind the scenes that make your world possible. In the pic I am delivering diesel fuel to a railroad train engine. I guess the railroad does different things but here in central Oklahoma a lot of wheat is moved by the train so next time you buy a loaf of bread you can thank the guys that run this train. Most of you will never see or know them but they and others like them are an important part of your life.

There is also a crew of guys that maintain the railroad tracks. Without them the train would eventually come to a standstill.  

You have people in an office somewhere keeping track of the expenses and income associated with the train moving things up and down the track. Someone must plan/track the logistics involved in making this all happen.

Thank God we still have Americans willing to do this kind of hard work. You have the life you do because of people like this. 

A big thank you to all of the people involved in this local railroad. 

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