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More Good News

Well, depends on your perspective. The last thing my family really wants to do is be in the restaurant business. It’s like on the bottom of the list. However, we have decided to move things around in the main building so tables can be set up for additional seating. And we will be adding to our menu.

We have decided to do this because revenue continues to lag pre-covid revenue by 40 percent or so. There are encouraging signs as the oil field is picking up some. We still have people every day coming into the hardware building saying they had no idea we have all this stuff.

We anticipate that we will be ready to start the expanded service the first week of February. Labor could turn into problem. We think we have it covered for now. We will be doing breakfast and lunch.

There are many things to consider regarding the store here in Calumet. We face all of the same problems one sees all across rural America. The bigs get bigger and the small go by the wayside. Not enough revenue to cover overhead.

In addition to all of the problems listed above I am 71 years old and Yvonda is 70. We will not be able to do this forever. So we must think about a transition of some sort. We want the store to stay up and running in Calumet.

For those of you that believe in the power of prayer we invite you to join us in asking for Divine guidance regarding all of the issues and concerns we face. We do not want Calumet to end up with no store of this sort.

We love our customers.

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