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We live in very stressful times. Our environment has a lot of toxins including household cleaning items. The world seems upside down. How does one deal with the stress, anxiety and depression?

1. Spiritual health is critical to physical health. There are many ways to develop spiritual muscle. Jesus Christ is the only way to the creator of the universe. Get to know Him. Learn to love Him. Develope you ability to seek Him in prayer. Spend time reading scripture. Your health depends on this.

2. Develop your relationships with people. Hug your kids, hug your friends, hug family members. If you are a married person make the relationship a priority. Spend time working to make it the best it can be. Be best friends. Make love every chance you get. Sleep like spoons. Hug each other often, kiss each other in the morning. People contact is second behind Spiritual centeredness in healing power.

3. Nutrition. Eat real food. Stay away from processed food. Never eat at fast food places. Follow the biblical admonition to fast occasionally. This detoxes your system. Take extra nutrients, especially C, D, multi vitamin and zinc. Use moderation with alcoholic beverages and cut out tobacco products if at all possible.

4. If you still suffer anxiety or depression by all means see you primary care person for possible medication. The medication should be used to lift your mood while you work to make appropriate life changes for improved mood. Talk therapy is an option for those who can afford it. The book “Feeling Good” by Dr. David Burns is great as a self help resource. There is a study guide/workbook as well. This requires a lot more work than a pill but offers much more long term healing.

May God bless your pursuit of healthful wholeness. It is achievable so don’t give up. 

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