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God, Country, Family - Our Core Values

We recently had t-shirts made for all of our Moore’s Farm Service people. We also had hoodies made for North Canadian Red Angus. Both the hoodies and the t-shirt’s are made to reflect our family values.

In our world everything revolves around a belief that everything we do is in service to the Creator whether work or play. A strong family is required to successfully face the challenges life brings our way. Freedom and opportunity are necessary for all of this to become a meaningful reality. God bless America!

We believe cattle play an important regenerative roll in protecting and renewing our farm and ranch lands. The scientific basis for this has been laid out in The Stockman Grass Farmer by Joel Stalatin and many others. The case has also been made by Dr. Jim Gerrish. In other words, cattle not only provide some of the most tasty and healthful food on the planet, they can also help us preserve the planet for further generations.

Glad we have the pleasure of being here to serve you. Have a great day!!

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