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Furl prices

I have never seen it this crazy. I had a customer call on Saturday morning and ask for a load of farm diesel. On Monday morning it cost .16 more to buy back than I got out of it. 

Businesses typically do not go broke because they are not making money, they go broke because they cannot cash flow. Right now that is a real danger because we cannot keep up with where the price of our fuel needs to be. We are trying to be cautious on the up side until this levels out and  we can price in the normal way again. 

It is frustrating to everyone right now. If you drive around you will see fuel prices all over the place. The way you price depends on how much fuel you sell, when you last bought, what percent of your sales are fuel and how aggressive you fell you need to be to stay ahead of the unprecedented increases. 

Be patient and fuel stations will get lined out again pretty soon. It is going to be nuts until things settle down some. Wish we could make it better. We are just as stressed as you are.  

Our goal is to still be in business when the dust settles. 

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