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Butcher calves for 2023

It will soon be time for us to be thinking about how many calves to hold back for butchering. There is continuing talk about disruption in the food supply lines and empty super market shelves.  We have not decided on a price yet but due to the increase in inputs we will have to raise the price.  As we get closer to the end of 2022 we will make that decision. 

We are taking pre-orders for 2023. If you are interested you can contact Yvonda at 405-308-1833. The pre-orders do help us in determining how many animals to hold back for this purpose and in getting butcher dates lined up. 

Our animals are home raised. No antibiotics are used once the calf is weaned from the cow and then only for respiratory illnesses. No hormones are used in our process. The animals are raised on forage and corn is added the last 90 days for a tender and flavorful product. We also sell individual cuts of beef at the store (Moore’s Farm Service) in Calumet Oklahoma. 

God bless!

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