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Big push back on parents wanting a say in the education of their children.




Moore’s farm service exists in a school district. We happily contribute to the tax base of the local school.  We have the good fortune here in Calumet of having a high functioning school in a community that we can all be proud of. 

That does not mean that there are no problems we face in either the school or the larger community. I can tell you from first hand experience that the community faces a large challenge in keeping local businesses in town. The last two years have been brutal. 

The time to address any problems/potential problems is very early on or even before the problem occurs. There are some teachers and/or school administrators who seem to be personally offended if one raises a concern about public school. There does seem to be a feeling, among some, that parents have no business getting involved with their children’s education. 

There are many things on the National scene that should cause parents concern about what goes on at their public school. At least one school in California has created a “transition closet” so students can change out of their parent approved clothing. A recent article in New York Magazine, “Household Tyrants” explains that the push for parents rights in education is a lurch toward far right authoritarianism. 

I suspect that most Oklahoma teachers are as repulsed by this kind of thinking as I am. However, it would be naive to think that there are not some who are open to it. 

We all have a stake in the quality of our children’s education. We all have a stake in the health of our local public school system. I would think our school system would want to be interested in the thinking of community members and transparent in local educational activities. 

God bless all of our teachers and the administrative staff here in Calumet and beyond. 

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